Monday, July 23, 2012

I have a back yard !!!!

from this... 

... to this !!

Taa Dah !!
After nearly 2 years of NOTHING in the back yard, we called in the professionals (big thanks to Peter and Shannon Wood - Parwood Contracting Carnamah) and got the job done. It was surprising to see how much prep work goes into making a great yard - much more than either Kent or myself would have thought. Since it's been completed the kids are spending much more time outside and Kade has started to ride his bike on the paving for the first time - before he wasn't interested in learning to ride at all. I'm going to wait a while before rushing in and planting the garden beds out but I have planted 3 shrubs on the east outside fence. Now we're looking forward to hanging some party lights, getting some outdoor furniture and enjoying out new yard.
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  1. Great job .. looks fab. See you soon and don't forget to come and visit us :)