Monday, July 23, 2012

Gravity Discovery Centre Gingin

The Leaning Tower - 13 floors - 222 steps

View from the top 

9 bathroom scales that show how much you would weigh on another planet -
I only weigh 4.5 kg on Jupiter !!

Blowing balls in the air 

Making waves

Strong magnetic forces at work

13 floors up and crapping myself !!

You get to carry up a water filled balloon then drop it down the chute to see how gravity works - amazingly it fell to earth and splattered on the sand pit below.

Kerrr -splat !!

On the way to Dandaragan, we stopped at the Gravity Discovery Centre and had a great time. It's like a mini Scitech in the middle of the bush. Besides the science side of the centre, it's a nature reserve with some short walking trails and a 1 km walk where you travel the solar system but on a much smaller scale - each step equals about 6 million kilometers in reality. We were only planning on spending an hour but ended up spending two and still didn't get to see everything! Well worth the drive up the Brand Highway for a great experience.
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