Friday, February 10, 2012


Along the Indian Ocean Drive south of Jurien, there is a beautiful valley that is home to millions of grass trees (blackboy plants). I don't think the photos do it justice but the conditions must have been just right for so many plants to flourish in the one spot.
a panoramic shot of the valley


Beautiful beaches near the jetty at Jurien
That's Kyle diving off the pontoon.
Casey & I jumped off the jetty instead which wasn't as far out.
We spent quite a bit of time watching the sky divers jump from the planes and land on the beach. One day, that will be me doing the jumping !


A very rare sight - my dad at the beach !
Overcast but a great day for a walk on the beach
A magnificent sea lion at Sandy Cape - a great camping spot just north of Jurien
Surfer dude


ready for school


The doctor was concerned about a tiny patch of dry skin on my forehead so now I have a wound about an inch long and 9 stitches instead !! Better to be safe than sorry, I'm told.